The Listening Chair

Episode 21: The One Event Episodes - Afternoon Youth Voices

February 16, 2019

At The One Event in Salina, KS we invited anyone and everyone to get cozy in the Listening Chair podcast (with guest hosts, Rev. Molly Just and Victoria Lybarger) and discuss questions from the Five Cups of Coffee created by Rev. Ashlee Alley Crawford.

We interviewed 30 youth and adults over how they hear God, what talents they feel God gave them, and how they use these talents to serve others, and man, did we enter some holy ground!

We were surprised at how quickly folks that we just met got real and deep with us.

Teens shared about using their talents to care for friends after a classmate took his life last year.

Another holy moment was with a middle school guest who said when God speaks to him, it's like his soul or his instincts are talking back to him. He spoke with such conviction that I was taken aback and deeply touched.

One young woman shared on how whenever she paints with her late grandma's favorite color scheme, she feels close to God.

In this episode, we will hear from teens who...

Got cozy,

Got real,

And got deep.

May their stories help you find comfort, courage, or clarity in your vocational journey.

Check out Episode 20, 22, and 23 for more from the One Event!

The Listening Chair is an outlet of the Institute for Discipleship (IFD).

This episode is sponsored by the Summit Youth Academy - a week for high school juniors and seniors to explore their faith, learn Wesleyan theology, and connect with other youth.


Amp It Up! Worship Band Camp - Where for or five life-changing days, high school students will be mentored and taught by local worship leaders and will have the opportunity to perform with other Christian bands, artists, and high school and college worship leaders.


Southwestern College - a private liberal arts college, founded in 1885 by Methodists in south central Kansas. Today its Winfield campus is the residential hub that guides students to lives of meaning and service, with well-rounded academic and extra-curricular offerings attracting traditional-aged students from throughout the nation and world. Southwestern College Professional Studies provides options for online students in any location and has been named a top provider for persons serving in the military. The college continues to be affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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